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Human communication has significantly transformed since our existence, from making abnormal noises and non-verbal gestures to facial expressions and precise language; we have diverse forms of communication. Conversations between humans and machines can be complex, as there are certain drawbacks, such as a lack of a humane touch, context flow, and a natural-sounding response. Conversational AI goes above and beyond basic answering and standard text messaging it interprets text and speech with the help of natural language processing, automated speech recognition, advanced dialog management, deep learning, and machine learning has the ability to engage in human-like dialogue, capturing context and providing intelligent responses.

Present-day AI-integrated chatbots possess the ability to have a complete dialogue with humans, offering them the essence of human understanding. These advanced chatbots have enhanced the customer service experience and are currently expanding into numerous industries. For brands tasked with upgrading their customer experience by driving personalization and efficiency, Conversational AI is the key to achieving these objectives.

Conversational AI & Customer Experience is a 2-day networking event that will invite visionary speakers, industry experts, innovative chatbots, and conversational AI technology providers on one platform and facilitate the discussion pertaining to the current trends, Future Innovation, Policies, and Regulations in the field of Conversational AI.

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Great Networking & Learning Opportunity:

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CXOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, & Managers of:

  • Digital Transformation & Strategy
  • Marketing 
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Brand Management
  • Product 
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Success
  • Designer and Researcher
  • Solutions Delivery
  • ICT Architecture & Engineering
  • Speech Applications Research
  • Enterprise CRM Architect
  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Client Services
  • Operations
  • Call Center 
  •  Sales 
  • General Manager
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Scientists

Topics To Be Covered

Conversational User Interface

Voice Technology

Conversational Design

Sentiment analysis

Intent Analysis

Text to Speech

Speech to Text

Virtual Agents


Customer Service Automation


Conversational IVR

Fraud Detection

Digital Healthcare

Customer Experience

Virtual Assistants


Automatic Speech Recognition

Conversational Commerce

Call Centre Automation

Dialogue Management

Conversational Banking

Natural Language Process

Contact Center Automation

Robo Advisors

Digital Humans

Personalized Finance Management

Generative AI 



Michael McTear

Emeritus Professor

Ulster University

Carlos Guilherme Frias

Digital Transformation Leader

Millennium bcp

Tristan Post

Lecturer for AI

Technische Universität München

Pankhuri Bansal

Blockchain & AI Expert

United Nations

Higor Boconcelo

Senior UX Writer


Zahra Kolagar

NLP Data Scientist

Fraunhofer IIS

Aleksandra Brdar Turk

Director Banking Operations

Nova KBM

Joao Simoes

Head of Digital Care Tribe


Jesse Lucas

Digital Product Manager

John Lewis & Partners

Gerrit Seebeck

Product Management IT

BMW Group

Fernando Asenjo

Innovation Project Manager

Allianz Technology

Xuanjie LI

Product Manager Chatbot & RPA

Renault Group

Ali Fenwick

Professor of Organizational Behavior & Innovation

Hult International Business School

Stefan Schaffer

Conversational AI Expert


Erwin Pellemans

Product Owner Robotics & AI


Henny Steiniger

VP Customer Experience


Olaf Steffen

Projectmanager / Discovery Lead


Marina Ashurkina

Product Manager

Generative Assistants Inc

Pablo Campos

Head of Research - AI & Neuroscience

Jesper Christrup Jensen

Senior Consultant

Allianz Services

Thomas Van Berchem

Program Manager

KBC Group

Alexandra Redmann

AI Engineer

Y. digital

Aarsh Srivastava


Gravitas AI

Christoph Esslinger

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Aarsh Srivastava

Head of AI Solutions

Assist Digital


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Platinum Sponsor

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Strategic Partners

Past Attendes


Leonardo Hotel Munich Arabellapark

Effnerstraße 99, 81925 München, Germany

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Airport Franz Josef Strauß - 35.0 km


Munich main station - 6.5 km


Underground station U4 Arabellapark - 900 m

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Leonardo Hotel Munich Arabellapark

Effnerstraße 99, 81925 München, Germany